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Asphalt Sprayer

Cold Aggregate Bin Feeder

GAJJAR asphalt distributors are engineered and designed to meet international specifications to deliver accurate, uniform and economical applications with minimal waste of liquid asphalt. This unit can be supplied as a component to suit mounting on customer's truck chassis or can be supplied wholly as standard truck chassis.

Truck mounted units are available in 3000, 4000, 6000 and 7000 liters which are equipped with fully insulated asphalt tank, air compressor, burner, spray bar, diesel engine, and positive displacement gear type pump and pressure cleaning system, which cleans the system that avoids blockage after use and electronic thermostat temperature indicators.

Features of Asphalt Distributor
  • Maintain Liquid asphalt at a Uniform Temperature
  • Apply Asphalt at a uniform rate
  • Apply Asphalt at variable width

Trolley Mounted Asphalt Sprayer

Bag HouseBag House

GAJJAR trolley mounted sprayers for bitumen are suitable for small contractors and provides complete flexibility at very nominal investment. This sprayer is capable to use wood, gas fire burner and LAP burners which gives greater flexibility to contractors to work in any site and in any condition. Our trolley mounted sprayers are offered with chassis and engine. The sprayer equipped a gear-type pump which has been chosen for being hard wearing and will give years of good service. It has four wheeled trolley chassis and has drum loading system using chain pulley block of 1000 Liter capacity.

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