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Stationary Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

GAJJAR stationary drum mix plants are made for one stop installations, especially when the production capacity required is high which can accommodate customized plant layouts as per requirement of customer through its design for faster & more economical setup.

Components are supplied with quality steel legs to position. Concrete foundations hold the legs and support the components. Stationary plants are equipped with cold feeder, highly efficient drum mixers, fully computerized control panel, asphalt tanks, filler unit and optional silos which are used to hold the mix. GAJJAR pollution equipment includes venturi type pollution control unit (wet scrubber) or a bag house filter which makes our plant happily accepted by neighbors and community.

Cold Aggregate Bin Feeder

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GAJJAR’S Cold feed bins are designed with slopes at below end which enables constant flow of aggregate without associating materials in corner of the bins. Each bin is attached with adjustable opening door which gives an option to control or regulate the flow of material from each bin.

The aggregates are discharge by means of variable speed short belt feeder under each cold feed bins. The operator can adjust the RPM of the belt from the control room of the plant. The master gathering belt takes the aggregate from the each bin as per calibration decided by producer to vibrating screen which remove oversize aggregate.

The cold aggregate feeder is calibrated, set, and secured to ensure a uniform flow of aggregate.

Options: No. Of bins can be vary as per requirements and as per mix design criteria.

Drying and Mixing Unit

Drying Cylinder

Image 1 Image 1GAJJAR’s revolving cylinder supported by guide rollers revolving on heavy duty bearing for smooth and consistent operation. Dryer removes moisture from aggregates and raise the aggregate temperature to the desired level with oil or gas burner with a blower fan to provide the primary air for combustion of the fuel, and an exhaust fan to create a draft through the dryer. Our drum is equipped with longitudinal troughs specially designed spiral flights located at burner end which direct wet aggregate to attain uniform drum loading and Tapered and Comb Lifting flights which pick up the aggregates and drop them in an even veil through the burner flame.

Our drying and mixing drum is fully insulated with 50 mm glass wool covered with Stainless Steel sheet which minimizes heat losses and save fuel and increase the efficiency and life of the plant.

Our Dryer is divided into two sections: A primary or radiation zone and a secondly or convection/coating zone. Aggregate enters in a primary zone where heat from the burner dries and heats them; the aggregates continue to the secondary zone where binder is added and aggregates and binder are thoroughly blended.


This is the component that is responsible for generating energy for drying and heating the aggregates by the combustion of fuel. It has an ignition that is controlled by the operator at the control panel. A preliminary light is lit to start the combustion process. The air and fuel metering are precise, ensuring total use of and maximum savings on fuel and reduces cost of heating the aggregate. Because of its modern design, the burner can be easily accessed for cleaning, maintenance and regulating.

Option: - Multi fuel Burner can be supplied as per requirement

Bag House

Bag House

GAJJAR’s bag houses are designed to meet stringent enviourment laws to control emission of gases and pollution that are generated through burner in the drum which extracts large amounts of dust and sand by heating aggregate mix and cannot be exhausted into the atmosphere without being cleaned. It is a large volume enclosure with filter bags that remove and collect the fine particles coming out of the drum. The fine particles that are being removed by filter bags are introduced at the beginning of the coating zone in the drum simultaneously and become part of the mix. The pulse jet technology is provide to clean the bag houses at regular intervals which ensures long life of bags.

Fine aggregates feed bin

Lime Filler

This is an external bin used for weighing other substrates such as filler (lime/cement), fibres. The fine aggregates are directly supplied in mixing unit through rotary valve and air blower via pipe connection. The Minerals feeder unit can be completely synchronized with plant calibration proportion. Option of variable capacity can be offered for our fine aggregate feeder bin.

Control Panel

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Insulated Anti Dust Centralized control system that enables operator to Control the plant from a single base. It is a microprocessor based control panel also equipped with all the controls for electric motors, bitumen, etc. Operator can view almost every activity if the plant as the cabin has 270° transparent visual sides.

Asphalt Tank

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Asphalt Tank is completely insulated by glass wool for maintaining the temperature. Asphalt is heated through pressurized burner and it is controlled. The specific quantity of asphalt is sprayed at intervals as per binding % decided and one can easily vary the quantity of binder as per requirements.

Load out Conveyor

Load out Conveyor

The ready hot material mixed from drying and mixing unit is carried to the storage silos or hopper through load out conveyor belt and then it is discharge in to dumper trucks ready to take mix to its place of application. The Storage hopper / Silos are hydraulically functioned for movement of doors.

Storage Silo

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Hot Mix asphalt silos are used to store the ready hot mix temporary for an effective logistic operations. Gajjar's silos are fully insulated which allows mix to store for more period without losing mix quality or creating lumps. The discharge system in silos is through "GOB HOPPER” instead of directly discharging mix in the center of the silos which cause segregation by rolling down of coarse aggregates and occupy the bottom space of the pile which results in to uneven discharge of mix in dumping trucks.

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