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Wet Mix Macadam Plant / Cold Mix Plant / Soil Stabilization Plant

Cold Feed Bin Feeder

Cold Aggregate Bin Feeder

The Bins are designed with appropriate angles for free flow of materials which eliminates materials to stick in the corners of the bin and eliminates to form a bridge. Aggregate are discharge by means of variable speed short belt feeder under each cold feed bins which is assembled with adjustable opening door which gives an option to control or regulate the flow of material from each bin. The operator has a flexibility to adjust the RPM of the belt from the control room of the plant. The master gathering belt is assembled under every bin which takes the aggregate from the each bin as per mix requirement decided by producer. Load cell/weigh conveyor is located under each cell for precise measurement of weight of the aggregate.

Vibrating Screen and Input Conveyor

Vibrating Screen and Input Conveyor It is located at the end of gathering conveyor at appropriate angle which remove oversize aggregate. Input Conveyor is an A.C. motor driven conveyor through the materials are transferred to pugmill for appropriate mixing

Pug Mill

PugMill PugMill PugMill

This is the main component of wet mix plant. This mix quality is determined how the pugmill designed. Gajjar Equipments offer the same through fast continuous mixer pugmill design consist of reversible 2 revolving shaft with opposite paddles for high quality mix thoroughly mixed, homogeneous mixture in a few seconds.

The shaft operates through drive mechanism i.e. heavy duty bearings, motors, gear box, etc. and the paddle area is designed in such a way that it minimizes the "dead areas" in the pugmill.

Additive Filler


The output conveyor is the conveyor through which the finished materials/mixed materials are transferred to either dumping trucks or storage silos. The length and height of the conveyor can be decided accordingly as per requirement and equipment of the contractors.

Water Tank


Water tank is built with MS steel and welded rigidly for long life. The volumes of the water tank vary as per requirement of the contractor and location of the plant. Water Tank pumps the water into pug mill unit to make the material wet. The water tank is equipped with pump and meter that pumps the required quantity of water as per requirement of the material.

Control Panel and Cabin

Image 1 Image 1

GAJJAR’s control panel is fully insulated anti dust centralized control system that enables operator to Control the plant from a single base. It is a microprocessor based control panel also equipped with all the controls for electric motors, water supply, etc. Operator can view almost every activity if the plant as the cabin through its maximum transparent visual sides.

Storage Silo


Silos are used to temporarily store the asphalt mix in order to maximize the logistic capacity of the project. We offer silos of variable capacity as per requirement. The material from the silos is discharged through hydraulically operated gate.

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